The Extreme State Physics Laboratory holds a year long program for local high school students eager to learn more about physics, with emphasis on high energy density science. The program is selective and the laboratory host one or two students throughout the year. Each student shadows a research scientist or graduate students to learn how to design and build experiments as well as analyzing experimental results using Python. This program aims at getting young students engaged in the areas of science. It also promote a learning environment where high school students are exposed to new technologies and research excellence.

The program has three goals in mind

  1. Educate high school students in the areas of sciences and engineering
  2. Get high school students engaged in cutting edge research by observing how researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students work and interact.
  3. Develop a sense of accomplishment to help high school students becoming creative and inspired by physical sciences

Every year, over the summer, we have a month long workshop with 5 to 10 high school students and teach them plasma physcis using python supported by the National Science Foundation..